looking forward

A4. it was just last year, and just about this time…. after way too many relocations i finally stumbled upon my new studio space and found elbow room again! about 1500+ square feet of raw, open space. open to interpretation, open to spread all my work around, the in-progress pieces long forgotten and out of sight. … More looking forward

(of) woodstoves, bathtubs and jimson weed

and so it’s happening again. i am moving the studio. a rough ride these past 3 years, relocating in and out of unsuitable places, strewing bits and pieces of my beloved studio across mesas, steep and rocky dirt roads and not-so-shallow rivers…. yes, there are still rivers to cross in new mexico. but this time is different. recurring … More (of) woodstoves, bathtubs and jimson weed

patty’s garage

a quiet, on the splurge of the moment holiday open studio with a couple of neighbors, patty o’connor (beautiful and colorful blended media on canvas) and terri miller (very interesting recycled art out of old tires), for hot cider and sunshine from the new mexico’s sky. here are a few shots. the sun’s glare was really bright…   … More patty’s garage

finding each other

sometime it happens in a flash, sometime it takes longer… but each piece always finds its human match. always. this one below is the last of a one-of-a-kind brooch series from a few years back. the first three were bought by jewelers’werk galerie at an american craft council show in baltimore, some while ago. round stained … More finding each other


And so here it is: spring 2016 is happening. Not too sure how long it will last, maybe it will be winter tomorrow, maybe summer all at once the next day…  Nature is trying to stay sane, winter was dense and scattered in million directions, the apparent stillness fooling some cloudy days. But now, celebrating! There … More SPRING is HERE