And so here it is: spring 2016 is happening. Not too sure how long it will last, maybe it will be winter tomorrow, maybe summer all at once the next day…  Nature is trying to stay sane, winter was dense and scattered in million directions, the apparent stillness fooling some cloudy days. But now, celebrating! There … More SPRING is HERE

more feathers

it was january just yesterday, today we are closing march…things are definitely moving too fast, but am trying to keep up with everything…here a couple of new images for my ‘feathers’ series, newly shot by louis leray here in santa fe. first one is copper and sterling, second is sterling and 18k gold; paper-thin metal … More more feathers

first feather necklaces

a first finished ‘metal feathers’ neckpiece currently on view at EIDOS in Santa Fe. no copper here, just thin sterling and 18k gold on an oxidized sterling neckwire this is a lot of copper, just a touch of gold and a few one in sterling..

triple martini 2012

stirring stick is my piece this year for the dry triple martini 2012 show, opening saturday at the I/O gallery in new orleans. had fun playing with this…the ‘glass’  just an excuse to hang something onto it. it jingles. it’s stainless steel (the glass), copper and sterling silver (everything else). it’s heat patina on steel and copper, … More triple martini 2012